Emily and... the Outbreak
Season 1, Episode 3
Ep3 9
Air date October 30, 2012
Written by Joanna Johnson
Directed by David Warren
Episode Guide transcript
Emily and... the Alan Zolman Incident
"Emily and ... the Predator"

Emily and... the Outbreak is the third episode of Emily Owens M.D series.


Emily decides that in order to get over Will she needs to focus on his flaws; In the beginning of the day Dr. Bendari stars by quizzing her students, and Emily loses to Cassandra, giving Cassandra a gallbladder case. In the ER Emily gets the case of a girl who fell on her head; Tyra confesses when she knew she liked women. After treating a girl for and STD Dr. Bendari instructs Emily to go to the local high school to teach the kids on safe sex. When talking to their patient Emily and Tyra find out how she might've gotten whatever problem she has; at the ER Emily finds out that the girls she instructed beat up the boy that gave them the STD. In the beginning of the surgery, Cassandra can't get the courage to make the first cut; Emily's patient starts to cough up blood, and find out that she breathed in fungus, and the treatment could stop her from doing gymnastics. Will and Emily are threatened by the STD's mother, until she finds out that he has the STD, and apologizes.

Recap Edit

Spoilers ahead


Emily: Thing--they're just not always what they seem. And sometimes answers only come when we change our perspective. Which works in science and math. Not as well with matters of the heart. Because the heart isn't rational. It doesn't listen to reason. And it doesn't give a crap what we want.

Micah: Oh, well, we only just met Dr. Owens. You didn't think you knew everything about me, did you?

Emily: Okay, now I'm nervous. Where'd the bat come from?
Will: My car.
Emily: Road rage, much?
Will: No, batting cages. When I'm pissed. I'm pissed.

Emily: Damon is...
Sophie: A douchebag.
Emily: Yeah. He really is.

Emily: I would appreciate it if you wouldn't call me a bitch.
Patient: Sorry. Dr. Bitch.

Cassandra: [to Emily] I was up all night suturing oranges practicing for my gallbladder. Were you up all night practicing on your banana?

Cassandra: I hear the first intern to cut is the one to look up to around here.
Emily: If you can deal with the fact that you played dirty...
Cassandra: I certainly can.


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