Emily and... the Perfect Storn
Season 1, Episode 12
Emily and the Perfect Storm 1
Air date January 29, 2013
Written by David Babcock
Directed by Larry Shaw
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Emily and... the Teapot
Emily and... the Leap

Emily and... the Perfect Storm is the 12th episode of the series Emily Owens MD.

Summary Edit

TAKING CHARGE - When the hospital is inundated with bus crash victims during a winter storm, Emily (Mamie Gummer) is assigned to run triage in the E.R. During the chaos, Emily is forced to do an emergency skull procedure on a heroic Marine who suddenly collapses. Tyra (Kelly McCreary) bristles at her father's lack of respect for her as a doctor, but they later experiences a breakthrough when they perform an emergency c-section together. Meanwhile, Will (Justin Hartley) and Emily secretly work to help an unexpected patient leaving Cassandra (Aja Naomi King) to question Will's true feelings for Emily. Micah (Michael Rady) finally makes a bold decision in his personal life. Necar Zadegan also stars. Larry Shaw directed the episode written by David Babcock.

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