Emily and... the Teapot
Season 1, Episode 11
Emily and the Teapot 3
Air date January 22, 2013
Written by JoAnna Johnson
Directed by Anton Cropper
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Emily and the Social Experiment
Emily and... the Perfect Storn

Emily and... the Teapot is the 11th episode of the series Emily Owens MD.

Summary Edit

THE TIPPING POINT - When Emily (Mamie Gummer), Will (Justin Hartley) and Cassandra (Aja Naomi King) compete against each other to be Dr. Bandari's (Necar Zadegan) research assistant, feelings get hurt when they have to describe each other's flaws. Emily is determined to solve the medical mystery of a young patient whose x-rays reveals a bullet lodged in his lung, but who has no signs of a gunshot wound or scar. Meanwhile, Emily comes to a revelation about her personal life after diagnosing a daredevil with a rare disease that forces him to change his entire life. Michael Rady and Kelly McCreary also star. Anton Cropper directed the episode written by JoAnna Johnson.

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