Emily and ... the Predator
Season 1, Episode 4
The Predator 1
Air date November 13, 2012
Written by John C. Kelley
Directed by Bharat Nalluri
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Emily and... the Outbreak
"Emily and ... the Tell-Tale Heart"

Emily and ... the Predator is the 4th episode of Emily Owens M.D series.


ASKING FOR WHAT YOU WANT - Emily and Micah are frantic when they discover their patient needs a kidney transplant immediately, but they are baffled when she mysteriously refuses to accept the kidney from her new husband. Elsewhere, Emily assists Dr. Hamada (guest star Brittany Ishibashi, “Political Animals”) and Dr. Bandari, with a risky surgery after they discover that one of the babies their patient is carrying for her sister suffers from a defective heart valve. Meanwhile, in an effort to keep Cassandra away from Will, Emily tries to land the job as Dr. Bandari’s research assistant. However, her competition is Cassandra, who is willing to play dirty in order to get what she wants. Kelly McCreary also stars. Bharat Nalluri directed the episode written by John C. Kelley.

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Spoilers ahead


Emily: When it's important enough, you speak up. You tell people what you need. You show them who you are. You ask. And you do this knowing there are consequences. There's collateral damage, but you've chosen this. So you can't feel guilty about it. You just can't.

Will: Just so you know, high school wasn't the greatest for me either.
Emily: My house was TP'ed once a week.
Will: You win.

Will: Emily, you can't tell me who to date.
Emily: You asked.
Will: I was trying to be a good guy.
Emily: Then be a good guy. Anyone. Except for her.
Will: I'll think about it.

Emily: You are that threatened by me?
Cassandra: Grow up. This has nothing to do with you. This is the real world and everything counts. Only one of us is going to be Gina's research assistant, and you were just collateral damage.

Cassandra: [to Emily] My hand shook. I was in surgery and my hand shook, and when Gina sees me now that's what she thinks. How I might not be cut out for this. And I don't know what it is about you, but I just get, I just get really insecure. Whatever. It was wrong to take credit for your idea. And I'm sorry. Can I have a tissue?

Micah: Looking confident, Dr. Owens. Verging on ballsy, even.
Emily: I've never been called ballsy in my life.
Micah: It's a day of firsts.

Emily: I thought I would have some time to think about it.
Micah: That's why I didn't tell you in advance.
Emily: Are you saying that I overthink?
Micah: You're overthinking.

Tyra: She's been a bitch to you since the fifth grade.
Emily: You know, you're right. Screw it.

Cassandra: Why are you stalking us? Are you scared I'm going to date your friend?
Emily: No.
Cassandra: You should be. I'm going to date your friend.

Tyra: You can't keep them apart forever.
Emily: No, not forever. Just until he realizes that she's a predator.
Tyra: Will can take care of himself.
Emily: No, he won't see it coming. She's camouflaged as a regular person.


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