Emily and the Social Experiment
Season 1, Episode 10
Social Experiment2
Air date January 15, 2013
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Emily and the Love of Larping
Emily and... the Teapot

Emily and the Social Experiment is the 10th episode of the series Emily Owens MD.

Summary Edit

PREDICTING THE FUTURE - After a year long absence, Dr. A.J. Aquino (guest star J.R. Ramirez, “House of Payne”) returns to Denver Memorial, but before he can rejoin the staff, the Chief insists that he make peace with Dr. Bandari. Emily is tasked with treating a patient who claims to be a psychic, and is convinced that her tarot cards predict her own impending death. Elsewhere, Cassandra and Dr. Bandari treat a patient who needs a lung transplant, but Micah’s discovery of a new medical issue leaves the patient with a tough decision. Meanwhile, Emily decides to test her theory that Will was jealous of her recent date, so Tyra offers to teach Emily how to flirt.

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Spoilers ahead



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Guest Cast Edit

Anthony Dale as Dr. Putnam



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