Dr. Gina Bandari
Biographical Information
Residence: Denver
Occupation: Cardiothoracic surgeon
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Character Information
Portrayed by: Necar Zadegan
First appearance: Pilot
Latest appearance: Current

You felt bad? Let me tell you about bad. When you ignore hospital protocol that's bad. When you go over my head, that's bad. And when you piss me off twice in your first week of work, that's very bad.

Dr. Gina Bandari is the tough-as-nails world-famous cardiothoracic surgeon, the doctor who both inspires and intimidates all the interns.

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Whilst Dr Bandari is renowned as a cardiothorasic surgeon, she appears to undertake numerous general and trauma surgical procedures both routine and advanced. These include a liver transplant, cholestecomy (Gallbladder removal) and the removal of an iron bar from a teenage girl's abdomen. It is likely that she is a certified general surgeon in that a residency in general surgery is typically required to undertake a cardiothorasic fellowship and work as an attending in that speciality.