Tyra Dupre
Biographical Information
Residence: Denver
Occupation: First-year intern at Denver Memorial Hospital
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Relatives: Tim Dupre (father)
Character Information
Portrayed by: Kelly McCreary
First appearance: Pilot
Latest appearance: Current

You've got your jocks, aka the orthopedic surgeons. Mean girls go into plastics. Your All-American, girl next door types, they're gonna be in OB. The true geeks, they're the neurologists. The rebels are in the ER. Stoners, anesthesia, and peds gets your sanctimonious church-goers.
— Tyra Dupre in Pilot

Tyra Dupre is an first-year surgical intern, who quickly befriends Emily and also has the misfortune of being the daughter of the chief resident.

It is known she is lesbian in the first episode of the season but hiding from her father about her sexual orientation.

Early lifeEdit

Trypanosomes soon learns that her father is cheating on her mother with a nurse in the hospital.

Memorable QuotesEdit